To be one of the premier Institutions to strengthen and sustain the Quality Education in Rural Area by Achieving Excellence in Academic, Social and Spiritual Development in their Career.


  1. To impart quality education that meets the present and future needs.

  2. To enlighten relevance of study of Humanities in this Electronic era, awakening Self-respect, Confidence and Development to cope up with Social Changes.

  3. To provide Supportive Environment that enables staff and students to achieve Academic Excellence.

  4. To imbibe virtues like Love, Affection, Affinity, Sacrifice, Selflessness, Tolerance amongst students.

  5. To develop satisfactory relationships with Governmental Entities, Society and Alumni.

Goals And Objectives

In pursuit of vision our Goals and Objectives are:

  • To provide proper Infra-structure Facilities for students.

  • To reach excellence in Teaching and Learning with greater Academic, Financial and Administrative Flexibility.

  • To encourage the Art of Home Management, Catering, Bakery, Child-care and Nutrition.

  • To inculcate interactive abilities for multi cultural experience.

  • To promote patriotic zeal through integrity of character.

  • To spot and nurture creativity for career oriented initiatives.